A landscape is a result of color, shape, and size organization. Our goal at Monroy landscaping company is to make sure our customers garden looks well clean and well-organized. A healthy garden where the flowers and plants are always green. If you happen to have trees in your garden, we want to make sure your trees are well trimmed and in shape. Our goal is to make sure you have the garden you always dreamed of. We like to provide solutions that make a positive change in the lives of people and their environment. We like to beautify, renew and transform.


Monroy Landscaping started its business in 2007   we are a company that respects our customer's property and garden.It is important for us to develop a trustable and respectful relationship between our customers and our workers. Knowing that we are excellent sources of help for your landscaping project. We would love to help you and your garden with the experience and knowledge we have. As a part of our growing history now we are adding more source of help you as small handyman, paint project, Garden renovation, Garden Desing, and Christmas Light.


Our team members are highly committed to helping you in the achieve the clean

and tidy garden you want and deserve to enjoy.



He is our founder, and one of our current workers.

He makes your landscape project project 

comes true!


Monroy Landscape

Esmeralda GadalaMaria


Administrative Manager

She is the leader of Customer Services, Accounting, and Marketing areas.

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